Birdle can be played daily, which means it can be played one time per day or as many as you wish. However, it must not exceed the daily limit. Birdle's aim is to correctly select an NBA star within eight attempts.

It's easy to play this game. With 8 guesses, you can correctly identify an NBA player. While playing Birdle game, you can share your discovery of this mysterious player's identity via your social media profiles. Tell your friends about it!

This is a great online game for NBA fans. Try it out, and you'll quickly see why this game has gone viral in only a few short hours.


It is a basic pastime that has grown in popularity due to its simplicity of use and the fact that you only have eight daily tries to finish the challenge. There is no need to download or install Larry Birdle NBA since it is a completely free word-guessing game. With Birdtle's grid-based system, your primary focus should be on making the fastest estimate for an NBA player feasible.

  • You have eight guesses; choose any current NBA player!
  • A green column indicates that there is a match!
  • The column's yellow tint gives a clue.
  • If you get stuck, try using silhouette mode!
  • Every day, a new mystery player appears!
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