If you like Wordle but have a nasty mind, you should look at Lewdle. Play this obscene word game but keep it away from children. The purpose of each tournament is to uncover concealed words. If you can't figure out the Lewdle word in six tries, you're out. The color of the tile will change with each guess, much as in Wordle, to demonstrate how close you are to guessing the word. If a tile becomes green, the letter is in the word; if it changes yellow, it's in the incorrect location; if it turns grey, the letter is missing. This game encourages players to describe the final solution in each challenge using their language knowledge and memorizing abilities. Have a good time!


The game's rules are straightforward. You must guess the concealed LEWDLE word in 6 attempts in the Lewdle game.

Enter a valid lewd word and press Enter to submit it.

The color of the tiles will change after each guess to indicate how close you are to finding the hidden word.

- Green - The letter is in the appropriate location in the Lewdle word.

- Yellow - The letter is in the incorrect location in the Lewdle word.

- Gray is the first letter in the word Lewdle.

The game is ended if you can't guess the word after 6 turns.

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