Flagle 3

Flagle 3

Flagle 3 is a totally new version of Flage, which is much more entertaining than its predecessor. Your job is to find today's fascinating flag. You can guess Flagle in just six attempts. A guess is made when you click on a flag or color button. You can use the color buttons to determine if the Flagle is there. The Flagle does not contain orange and will eliminate any flags that contain this color. The Flagle still has green. There are two types of games: Daily and Random. You can customize the game. Participants may also be able to see their flag flying high above the board. You can now relax and play one of our word games. Have fun!


You're out of luck if you can't discover the flag after six attempts. Click on the flag that you feel represents the right answer for the day. Coloring the cells will assist you in locating the concealed flag.

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