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Pimantle was built on the Wordle platform. This game scores based on the player's understanding of words. This game works like most other word games. Players are awarded points based on their ability to match letters. It also considers the meaning of the words that are selected by the players.

You must infer a word from a hidden word in Pimantle. The game Pimantle judges the player's responses based on the degree to which their answers match the correct answer. How closely the players' guesses match the real word determines the score.

Pimantle requires you to find a word that is close enough to the hidden term. Scores are calculated based on the degree to which the answers match up with the correct answer. Scores increase the closer the player guesses to the right answer.

If the player's guess has any semantic relation to the hidden word, the game will inform the user. The feedback shows how similar the two responses are based on their proximity. Green is the closest color to show which predictions were most accurate. They also get extra points.

The score for each guess is based on the degree to which it matches up with the meaning of the mystery word. You can get high scores by making educated guesses that are as close to the answer as possible.

Culturle, the Wordleverse version of Wordle Junior or Lattice, is perfect for people who enjoy word games such as Pimantle. It's a ton of fun!


- Pimantle adds a novel variation to the conventional word game genre by using word meanings to evaluate predictions regarding semantic similarity.
- Daily Puzzles: Each day, a brand-new puzzle is posted on the official Pimantle website, presenting players with fresh challenges.
- Closer predictions are displayed in green to imply a greater semantic similarity between the player's estimate and the hidden word.
- Each visitor receives a grade based on how closely their response matches the meaning of the secret word.
- Pimantle provides a more complex gaming experience by incorporating semantic similarity and challenging players to think outside the letter-matching frame.

How To Play

- There are a few rules for this game similar to Wordle:
- Find the daily mystery word.
- Your forecast is semantically closer to the center the closer it is to the center.
- The "hint" and "explore" features may call attention to the fact that the dataset contains offensive terms such as obscenities.
- Enter is used to submit.

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