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Mini Crossword


Mini Crossword can be a fun and entertaining way to spend your time. The goal is to fill in all the cells and complete the puzzle by finding the correct words both up and down. In this room, you'll be able to find many different puzzles. These include crosswords with 5x5 grids. Each one is unique in its level of difficulty. As the size of the grid increases, so does the number of words to guess, which makes the mini crossword an increasingly challenging game. No pencil or rubber is necessary! You will receive a Mini Crossword every day. If you get stuck, you can always return to the previous page and complete it there again for a new challenge. Play Mini Crossword on our website to become the greatest crossword puzzle solver!

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How to play

- Choose the puzzle's difficulty level, which is determined by the size of the crossword you wish to complete. The grid is made up of 5x5 cells. The more difficult the crossword, the bigger it is.

- On the right, you'll notice numbers in certain cells and a list of questions.The questions are broken down into words that you must fill in across and down.

- The word across should be written from the line's corresponding number, and the words down should be typed in rows. At the junction, the words across and down must contain the same letters.

- Continue to solve the problem until the full grid is filled with correct answers.

- Every day, a new tiny crossword puzzle is released. Play small crossword puzzles, test your wits, and return tomorrow!

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