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Dirdle 2

Dirdle 2

Dirdle 2

Dirdle 2


Recently, the Wordle-based Dirdle 2 has gained popularity. Just seven guesses are needed to try and guess the five-letter word. Learn what makes the rules special. Take pleasure in your own company!

The game begins with each participant receiving a 5-inch by 7-inch piece of paper. The word is made of five letters and each participant gets seven chances to guess it correctly. The answer will be revealed after each guess. Results will be shown in letters and colors. Due to the limited number and different types of signals, players are encouraged to apply logic and critical reasoning in their efforts to improve their answers. Your stay should be enjoyable.

How to play

Every player starts the game with a 5 x 7 board. You have seven opportunities to figure out the five-letter word. Each prediction's results will be graphically displayed in the crossword using different colors and characters. The suggested definitions for the word that follows are as follows:

  • The [?] symbol on the gray crossword indicates whether a letter is present in the given word or not, as well as its precise placement.
  • In a crossword, a yellow arrow signifies the presence of a word element in the wrong spot; the word's correct placement is shown by the arrow's trajectory.
  • You can get the following hint by clicking the [?] box. If the word is positioned appropriately, it will be highlighted in blue; if it is not, it is completely absent. The game will give you five clues before they disappear.

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