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Flappy Birdle, like the popular smartphone game Flappy Bird, is a simulator game. This version has changed the gameplay. The gameplay in this chapter is completely different from that of the previous one. You must enter the letters that are displayed on the screen to make the bird flap its wings and fly. The technology allows us to play two games simultaneously. Find out what makes this game different from others.

This grid is a 5x6 size, replacing the old grid used by "Flappy Bird". The five-letter words are revealed six times and you can earn 20 points for guessing correctly. This version of the game allows for mistakes and misspellings. As you type, the bird will fly. The bird can't progress through all the levels if the correct tempo is not entered. The cells will turn colors as you guess to show how close you are to getting the correct word.

The gravity and life countdown will not be as high in the Easy mode. This game, like the famous Flappy Bird, will lead you on an exciting adventure in which you have to guess phrases and solve problems. Start playing the fun game Flappy Birdle. Enjoy yourself!

How to play

  • Gaining an additional twenty points requires six accurate guesses of a five-letter word displayed on a 5x6 board.
  • As opposed to traditional word games, guessing in Flappy Birdle is permitted using misspellings and errors.
  • The bird's altitude will increase in tandem with your input of words. Quick reasoning is required to maintain the bird's optimal speed to avoid obstacles.
  • The color of the cell changes as you type to indicate the precision of your word.

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