Kilordle is a word game similar to Wordle. You can play many Wordle games simultaneously, with each guess being applicable to its own game. When you finish each Wordle challenge successfully, you win.

It doesn't matter if you guess the exact phrase of any of the games in this amazing game. It is enough to predict words using the correct letter placements. You are free to make as many guesses as you want. You can make as many guesses as you like. For instance, suppose that the word for "CARTS" and you correctly predict "CAtch" then "foRTS". This game will be solved because you recognize a word with C, A, R, and C as its first letter.

Kilordle is played by typing a string of words that includes every word in the dictionary. Have a good time!


The color of crosswords will change as you guess, just like Wordle, to help you find the hidden words.

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