The Battle Cats

The Battle Cats

The Battle Cats allow players to use their cute cats as weapons. You can also fight your enemies to take over the planet. Your enemies may be defeated and your territory can be taken.

Other stages will also be available. With the experience points (XP), your kittens can be leveled up and enhanced by reaching each level. A monster's strength will increase as it reaches 10 levels. It may also be able to show its True Form. Rare and exotic animals will be possible, along with unique items. Cat chow is essential for your feline army.

The Battle Cats are a fun way to keep players busy for hours. The Battle Cats have arrived!

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  • Battles are simple and easy to understand.
  • There are a lot of cute and strange cats to unlock and use in battle.
  • Straightforward leveling system
  • There are many story modes and legend challenges with hundreds of stages.

How to play

Using mouse.


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