Drive Mad Skin

Drive Mad Skin

Driving Mad Skin is an alternative to driving off-road cars. You won't be hurt until the very end. There are many phases that are enjoyable.

You'll be driving on challenging terrain. To prevent your vehicle from collapsing, you will need creativity as well as your driving skills. You must maintain your balance when you are traversing any terrain. You must start over from the beginning if you lose. Keep track of all your steps to see how far you have come. Are you getting ready? Enjoy yourself!

Access to many other Drive Mad games is possible through our website.


  • 30 difficult stages, 2D graphics.
  • There are six Jeeps to choose from.


  • Use mouse or keyboard to play
  • Steer forward - W, D, X, Up arrow, Right arrow
  • Steer backward - S, A, Z, Down arrow, Left arrow
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