Worldle is a geography game where players match the name of a country with its shape. World Game Studios created it. It's based on their hit Guess The City game. This game gives you six chances to correctly guess the name of a country. A new picture will appear in the game every time you make a guess. After you have completed your guessing, click the "Check it" button to view the list of countries and territories where you were close enough to earn a token. Each accurate guess is worth a point. This depends on how difficult it was to find the correct answer. The list goes from the easiest to the most difficult. All the best!


The purpose of this game is to guess a word that fits with any country's image in six attempts every day. To submit the form, hit the enter key. The color of the tiles will change after each guess to indicate how close you are to discover the word. Be cautious with your guesses!

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