Wordle 6 Letters

Wordle 6 Letters

Wordle 6 Letters is a word-guessing game, and if you play it online, you can find that it provides you with a lot of amusement. Similar to Wordle, this version requires you to guess a word with six characters rather than a word with five characters. You still have six chances of identifying the primary keyword in this game. The letters will also be highlighted in yellow, green, and gray. The blue hue represents the letter that must be there and is located at the correct spot. Yellow is the correct letter. However, it has been placed in an incorrect place. Gray is an indication of an incorrect or missing letter. If you are interested in playing this game, you may access other versions of it on this page, including Wordle 4 Letters, Wordle 5 Letters and Wordle 7 Letters. Let's have fun!

How to play

Using mouse.

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