Wheeldle, a basic word game, is where you're given six letters and have to make words with them. Wheeldle is an interesting game because it requires you to think beyond the patterns and come up with solutions. It is also a wonderful way to expand your vocabulary, and learn spelling and grammar skills.

What is the issue? The letters can only be used once. The "wheeldle" is a one-of-a-kind token that you receive along with the six letters. You can use it as a revolving bow that you point at any of six letters. Depending on the number of syllables, you can place your sentence in any one of four fields (red or yellow, blue, green, or both). It's very simple. Wheeldle is for you if word games are your thing and you don't mind Scrabble.


On Wheeldle, you may guess as many five-letter words as you like in a single day. To participate, you must guess a five-letter word. You will then be given feedback in the shape of little colored squares indicating whether the letter is accurate and in the correct place, incorrect but in the wrong place, or not in the word at all.


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