The online version of Stressfle, a word-guessing puzzle game, is available to players of all skill levels. Everybody tries to decode the secret code. A certain number of pins can be seen after each correct estimate of five letters is completed. You're still delaying! You are still putting it off!

Once you've located the letter in the answer, press the tiles to change their color. This action will also be shown on the keyboard. If you like this sort of game and want to find more of its kind, the Smixed collection is a great place to start. Best regards!


  • Getting excellent grades is essential for success.
  • A captivating contest.
  • Beautiful 2D animation
  • Modifying the settings is easy.


To fill in the blanks, players may use their mouse to click and drag letters. The letters will change color after each fill to show how effectively they are spelling the word. The green is first, followed by the orange, and last by the white. Their location has nothing to do with your assumptions and ideas. If a letter is present, a green pin indicates that the answer is correct. Each orange pin indicates a letter you've decided is required for the solution. Nonetheless, it stands in for a letter that is located elsewhere. If you do not properly guess, a white pin will be placed on that letter.

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