Statele is Wordle's geographic equivalent, and this time you get six opportunities to properly name the states. After you make an estimate, you will see a visual of where you stand relative to the desired condition, the direction you are heading, and the distance you are from your goal.


Because the United States has 50 states, there are numerous geographical facts about the country to learn. This map trivia game is here to assist. You get six attempts if you properly identify the states. The closeness, direction, and distance of your estimate to the target state are shown after each guess. Test your knowledge of the lower 48 states, as well as Alaska and Hawaii, by playing our states game. Seterra is a fun and educational geography game that allows you to travel the globe and learn about its countries, capitals, flags, seas, lakes, and more. On a computer, smartphone, or tablet, the most current versions of major web browsers, such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer, may be used to access the Seterra online quiz site.

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