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The puzzle game Shiftle was clearly influenced by the smash hit Wordle. The classic word game is given a new twist by asking players to guess a five-letter word using a single alphabetic character moved 1-3 places in either direction. It is important to stay within the parameters and come up with a term that fits.

Fans of puzzle game can try out Semantle or other Wordleverse games. Happy!


- Numerous traits signal support for the players.

- Simple rules that apply to everyone.

- Updated daily are the riddles.

How To Play

1. The players can predict the outcome of a game by entering a word that has five letters and one letter in alphabetical order. Every letter is allowed to move from one to three spaces forward or reverse. The original word may have been "SNAKE." A reasonable guess might be "SNANE," with the letter "A" moved one position ahead of "N."

2. Valid Words & Wrappings: As a guess, only words recognized by dictionaries are accepted. The letters cannot be wrapped around. The original word would have been "SAINT", so moving the letter S three spaces from the letter P to "SAINT PZINT" was considered an incorrect guess.

3. Color Feedback: Each guess changes the color to reflect whether the correct letters have been guessed. If the color scheme is not included, this example still points out the feedback system.

- Green: This color indicates that the letter of the guess is located in the right place within the word.

- Yellow: This color indicates that there is a guess letter in the word, but it's not at the right place.

- The letter that is part of a word is not a guess if the color does not change.

4. Swap Shiftle Mode: Shiftle includes a separate game mode, Swap Shiftle. This mode allows players to swap two tiles in each row, earning more tips. You can swap tiles by double-clicking on them (on computers), sliding one tile over another (on smartphones), or pressing the tiles for a long time (on tablets). The freedom to generate intelligent hypotheses is increased.

5. The game mode can be changed by clicking the icon with the two arrows located in the upper-right corner of your interface.

Shiftle tests players on their ability to be creative and strategic in moving letters to fit within certain parameters to determine the word. Swap Shiftle is a new mode that increases the complexity of gameplay.

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