Septle, Wordle's interactive word guessing game is a great example of Wordle's offspring. You must be able to decode words quickly to win.

You will find the secret 7-letter message if you repeat this 8 times. The first line is empty and you can put whatever you like. You can find the hidden word by changing the color of the letters.

You may tell your friends that you have discovered the secret word once you are confident. This can be used to keep track of your achievements and feel proud of yourself. This is the right time to improve your skills.


The guidelines are quite basic. The seven-letter concealed word must be guessed after eight tries. Start by typing any word on the first line. The letter will be highlighted in green if it was correctly predicted and placed. It will be highlighted in yellow if it is in the incorrect location. It will be highlighted in gray if it is not in the term.

  • Similar to Wordle, Septle has seven letters instead of four.
  • The Septle can be guessed eight times.
  • Each attempt must contain a meaningful 7-letter word.
  • After each attempt, the letters' color changes to indicate how near you are to understanding the word.
  • Press "Enter" to send it.



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