Revertle, a word-guessing game that is very popular among those who enjoy this type of game, is an appealing alternative. Each day, you are given a coded word and all letters are highlighted with a crimson hue on your keyboard.

Each time a jigsaw letter appears in a non-repeating sentence, a unique color is assigned. These colors can range from green to yellow to green and all shades in between. The indicator will turn red if you place a letter exactly where it appears in the code phrase. To be victorious, ensure that each letter on your keyboard has a green color. I hope you have some fun.

If you like Revertle, you may also enjoy Lettershot and RealCrossWordle. New difficulties await you to be discovered. Have a good time!


  • Gain daily bonuses and often win prizes.
  • Vibrant, 2D images.
  • There are several degrees of difficulty.
  • Playing the game is a lot of fun and thrilling.


Players complete the assignment by clicking and dragging the mouse to choose suitable words from a list. Instead of repeating, each Jigsaw Letter will appear just once in unique words, from Red to Yellow to Green.

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