Polyordle, a new wonderful word game similar to Octordle and Dordle, is an excellent choice for those who enjoy solving puzzles and competing in challenges. The player must accurately identify the Polyordle in order to win the game. They should also make as few guesses as possible and try to solve the puzzle as soon as possible. You can increase your chances of success by using the color-coded tips after each guess. Blue indicates the correct location, yellow indicates another position within the word and white indicates a wrong guess. To be successful immediately, it is important to pay close attention to all the suggestions. Have fun!

How to play

You may begin a Polyordle game with as many boards as you choose. In its most basic form, five words will suffice, while a thousand words will suffice.

Enter a random five-letter word in the first column, exactly as you would in Wordle. The tiles then change colors, and you must guess what the following words are. If you type the proper letter in the corresponding place, the tiles will become green. If the proper letter is put in the wrong place, the tiles will become yellow. Examine the tiles and use your brains to figure out what the words signify.

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