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Garden Tales 3

Garden Tales 3

Garden Tales 3

Garden Tales 3


Garden Tales 3 requires you to arrange the tiles in a straight line in order to pop the fruit and flowers.

The third phase in fruit, vegetable and floral research has started! There are nearly 3000 levels to explore! As you push and swipe, the garden gnomes will be there to play again with you. You must have at least three identical tiles to harvest a tile. It would be amazing if you could make longer chains or join corners together. You can use spiral bombs, row and column blasters, or row or column bombers to remove certain types of tiles from your playing area. Properly combine boosters to increase their effectiveness and reach level objectives.

Other power-ups, such as the shovel or the exchange power-up, can be used to move tiles out of the way. You will be able to do many more jobs as you move through the garden. These include vine pruning and mud removal. A garden this beautiful has so many things to do! If you spin the wheel, you won't want to miss out on the daily rewards and presents that await you.

Garden Tales 3 is a great choice. You might also enjoy Pool Party 2 or Forest Match 2.

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