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One game that may be played instead of Wordle is the online word-guessing game known as Don't Wordle. After playing this game, you will feel your brain explode. Wordle and Don't Wordle are identical except that Wordle generates lists that are opposite each other. This is quite a unique feature, don't you think? You have the perfect opportunity to sign up for Don't Wordle right now and discover some really interesting stuff!

How do you feel about doing challenging tasks? If you love Wordle, you can take your puzzle-solving talents to the next level with games such as Quordle, Octordle, Dordle, and Sedecordle. The graphic aesthetic of Wordle is shared by all four of these games, although each has additional rows, columns, and words to understand. Dordle demands simultaneous decipherment of two separate words. You may complete a Quordle by separating into four groups. Sedecordle boasts a staggering sixteen, but Octordle has just eight. Best wishes to you!


The objective of the game Wordle is to accurately anticipate a five-letter word in six attempts. Don't Wordle's goal is for the player to NOT guess the word. The catch is that as you attempt new terms, you must consider what you already know from earlier guesses.

When a letter is properly identified, it must appear in the same location in all following guesses (green). When a letter is accurately guessed but in the incorrect place (yellow), the following guess must contain the letter in a different position (green). Gray: Unusable after letter placement and deletion.

The amount of probable answers that are still right after each guess will be shown at the top of the page and will continue to diminish. If the total is wrong, press "UNDO" to restart. Take care not to trip! Even if you still have some UNDOs after accidentally typing the Wordle word, the game will terminate instantly.

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