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Retro Goal


Retro Goal is a quick and fun mix of soccer game action as well as team management from Retro Bowl or New Star Soccer. The first ten matches are free. You can then purchase the rest of the game to compete for the top rank.

The graphics were inspired by 16-bit classic games. Touch-screen controls allow you to score goals after goals. Because of its pixel-perfect accuracy, this objective is unique.

Retro Goal's gameplay is simple. The first step is to select your team. The final step is to organize your team and achieve several goals. The song "Blackpool" is a reference to Liverpool F.C.

An optional team management meta-game can be found at the start of every match. This game is well-designed and engaging, but not everyone will like it. Retro Goal's Football Manager version caught my eye, even though I have never been a big fan. It's easy to do!

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  • Manual Ground Passes: Target a long, low shot at any time with this new, exclusive technique.
  • Automatic Ground Passes: An original and cutting-edge method that allows you to send the ball to your teammates right away with only a touch or button press.
  • More Complicated Tackling: While tackling, choose your opponent and set him up for a slide tackle.
  • New Turbo Setting: With this new setting, you can now change the game's pace independently from the Difficulty Cange at any time between the handheld mode with Joy-Con controls and the touch screen.
  • Switch Controllers Are Playable With Virtually Any: Utilize the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, a single Joy-Con, or two Joy-Con controllers. Even better, you may use a Super Nintendo Entertainment System Controller or one of the Nintendo Entertainment System Controllers for the Nintendo Switch to play.
  • Customized Control Options: Change your aiming style or select one of three direct player control options.

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