Color Pin

Color Pin

Color Pin is an online strategy game that rewards patience as well as accuracy. This game is online and features 3D animation with a gray background. Your numbered balls consist of pinballs with two or more colors and are placed at the bottom. This game is easy to learn because the rules are simple. However, the underlying problem requires some thought. To avoid collisions, match the colors of the pins to the pinball's. There are several stages to this online game, each with a different difficulty level. The number of pins indicates how many balls need to be shot. Don't worry if you make a mistake. You can continue playing the level until you defeat it. Can you complete all 125 stages? Color Pin is now available for you to download and try for free.


  • A fun, cool, and free arcade AA game.

  • All ages are welcome.

  • It's fascinating and quite addictive.

  • There are already over 125 levels, with more to come. Can you complete each level with the fewest retries?

  • The most efficient way to pass time in the bathroom. To pass the time in the toilet, play for free.

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How to play

To play this free shooter game, click on the screen with your mouse or finger anytime you wish to fire a pin. Match the color of the pin to the color of the spinning ball while avoiding collisions with other pins on the ball.

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