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Forester gives participants 5 minutes to locate a hidden word within a grid of 5x5. Secret letters are revealed when the player correctly predicts a five-letter word that contains the hidden letters.

Six chances are given to the participant. The text could be hidden horizontally, vertically, diagonally or even diagonally. It will not, however, replicate any letter patterns.

Participants can choose any word to enter on their first try. The board letters will be revealed if the estimated letters match those hidden. Non-word letters are highlighted in order to show that they do not form a word.

The keyboard dims as the player makes predictions. The keyboard will show which letters have already been revealed. If the hidden word can be correctly identified in six attempts, then you win. The game will be forfeited even if a participant incorrectly enters the hidden word.

Forester keeps track of player statistics such as win percentage and offers a STATS button to get this data. Participants can review previous discoveries using the PATH feature. Participants can share their findings with others using the SHARE option.

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- The term "Word Search" refers to a method of searching for information on the internet.
- The first stage in the game is to write the player's name on the reverse of the envelope.
- The secret word, which comprises five letters in total, is made up of five separate letters that do not reoccur within the word.
- Letter Revealing: When the player correctly guesses 5-letter words that contain the secret letters, the corresponding letters on the game board are revealed (e x tra_id_2>).
- Shaded Letters: Shaded letters show that the keyboard letters used in incorrect guesses are not part of the secret word.
- Backward Words: If the secret word appears backward on the board, the player may get a tip.
- Players have just six opportunities to correctly guess the hidden word.
- Winning Statistics: Under the STATS button, you can see your winning percentage for the game.
- Route to Discovery: The route button shows the player's path to discovering the hidden word.
- Results sharing: Using the SHARE option, gamers may share their game scores with others.

How To Play

- In the guessing game, players submit 5-letter words that they believe incorporate the concealed letters on the board.
- Reveal Letters: The letters from the guessed word that match any of the hidden letters are filled in on the board.
- Shaded Letters: Letters in the supposed word that do not correspond to the concealed word are highlighted on the keyboard.
- Players have just six opportunities to correctly guess the hidden word.
- Incorrect tries: Even if all of the letters on the board are exposed, the player loses if they do not correctly enter the hidden word.

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