Wordle is boring? Try Absurdle. Random word guessing seems more random. You're out if you don't know the word you want after several attempts. This is a more difficult game than regular charades because you cannot see the colors of the words and have no idea what you should search for. You can only learn the clues and make intelligent guesses if you want to find the terms you need to search for in the test. With each wrong guess, the Absurdle's inner word list becomes smaller, making it that much harder to solve. You can try your luck at Absurd and see what you can do!


The only way to figure out the surprising answer is to look at the color indicators that display after you write a word:

  • The lack of a letter implies that the color is grey.
  • If the color is orange, the letter is present but mistakenly positioned in the word.
  • If the color is green, the letter is in the correct place.
  • I'm finished now! You may then guess as many times as you like until you get the mystery word of the day.
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