Wordle's Weredle is a similar game to Wordle but with a frightening wolf. This game is far more difficult than Wordle because of the werewolf. One werewolf tile could give you the wrong answer, but it is unlikely to happen. Once you have guessed the first word, click on a tile to check if it is the werewolf. Enjoy yourselves!


The color of the tiles changes after each guess to illustrate how close you were to properly guess. You have six opportunities to do so. Each time you guess, one of the Werewolf tiles may or may not present you with the erroneous answer.

When you find the werewolf tile, it will have a red border. If you click on a tile with a blue border, you will not be able to find the werewolf. After you have properly guessed your first word, click on a tile and try to determine if it is the Werewolf.

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