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Are you ready to put your linguistic abilities to the test with Waffle Game? This is a word puzzle game that was inspired by the popular Wordle before it but is regarded as much more successful. As a spin-off of Wordle, Waffle Game elevates and completely refreshes the game's setting. This game is appropriate for youngsters aged 6 and older, making it an appealing option for anyone who wants to learn the language, as daily participation in Waffle Game will help you expand and ample your vocabulary. You will be given a quiz with 6 English words randomly organized on a grid at the start of the game. Your task is to correctly rearrange them so the number of moves is 15. The problem can be completed before you exhaust all of your moves. Each remaining move will be converted to one star. The game is over if you run out of turns before discovering all of the words on the grid. Like Wordle, the game refreshes every 24 hours and you can only play it once a day.

Waffle Game's mechanism restricts manipulations and moving areas, which tempts even the toughest gamers. Challenge your brain by taking our quiz and seeing if you can pass it on the first try!

Game Modes

Waffle Game has two new game modes in addition to the usual ones, which are as follows:

- High Contrast Mode: This is a colorblind mode in which green tiles are changed to orange and yellow tiles to blue.

- Dark Setting: A night mode that helps players avoid glare.

Tips & Tricks

The main information that you need to gather from a grid at all points is the location of the vowels and which letters take the starting and ending positions. This makes it easy for you to guess the keywords and save on the number of moves.

The game allows you to freely move the green and yellow crosswords. However, pointless moves can cause the game to end prematurely. The trick is to not make hasty conclusions about the hidden words but to take slow but steady steps towards the more obvious words.

The letters can repeat on the grid and cause confusion. So what you need to do is pay attention to the system feedback to ascertain the occurrence of repeating letters in a row or column.

You should carefully calculate each of your moves to be able to tackle the most keywords in each one.

How To Play

In the game, you must rearrange the color-coded letters in the grid either horizontally or vertically to determine the proper word. You can move the yellow and gray tiles to any position in the grid and the display color will change depending on where you place them.

The crossword shows up in blue: placed in the correct position without you having to guess it or change its position.

If the crossword is displayed in yellow and placed in the correct row or column, you need to change its position in the row or column. In the special case, where the yellow crossword is located at the intersection of a row or column, you need to add some guesswork so that there are no pointless moves.

The game will be completed when all the crosswords are turned green, which means they are in the correct position. With each level, you will have 15 moves.

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