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Selectle's goal is the same as Wordle's: to correctly guess each new word within six trials. Colors will be changed on the tiles after every guess. This indicates how close you are to being correct.

In order to win, you must correctly guess the answer to each word. Then try to figure out the meaning in as little time as possible. Selectle will help you solve daily word problems.

Wordleverse's collection of games includes not only Selectle but also other entertaining and fun games like Rubik's Cubicle. Happy!

How To Play

1. Selectle's objective is to find the five-letter words hidden in the game within 6 trials.

2. Each time you play, guess the word: The five-letter words of your choice must be entered.

3. Feedback: SELECTLE gives feedback on each guess. It helps you to determine if your guess was accurate. Comments often include hints to help you determine how accurate or close your guesses were to the actual hidden word.

- Green tiles: These tiles are a good indicator that you've guessed correctly and the letter is located in the correct place.

- Yellow tiles: Yellow tiles are used to show that your answer is correct but in the wrong place.

- Vacant tiles: Vacant tiles show that a letter in your guess is not present in the hidden word.

4. Feedback is a great way to improve on your guesses. By paying attention to the yellow and green tiles, you can determine if letters are missing but present in an incorrect position.

5. Guessing strategy: Adjust the next guesses according to the feedback. This will help you exclude the wrong letters, and place the correct ones correctly. Continue guessing until you have guessed or tried six times.

6. Selectle offers a daily puzzle that allows you to learn a new vocabulary every day. You can test your word guessing skills every day by participating in the daily challenge.

Selectle's controls and interface will vary according to the website or platform where it is played. For more detailed instructions on how to play, you may want to consult the manuals or instructions for the specific controls if playing Selectle on a certain website or gaming platform.

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