Rally Racer

Rally Racer

Rally Racer allows players to compete in a variety of races while improving their drifting skills. This challenging and fast-paced racing game will appeal to those who love drifting. Participate in several races using your car. Each level is different. It is important to finish all three laps.

You can use the arrow keys for speeding up, slowing down, turning left and right and going in other directions. You will need to accelerate if you are going to take some very sharp turns. Your rivals can be very skilled and could try to drive your car off the road if they're not careful. Do you think you are the best driver anywhere? You will be competing against the best to take home the win in this three-lap race.


  • Nice 2D gramphics
  • Easy controls to drive your car

How to play

WASD or left click to drive.

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