Hoon or Die

Hoon or Die

You will be tested on your ability to drive at high speeds in arcade style with Hoon or Die. You will have to compete against top drivers around the globe, so be prepared to be on your guard. There are five levels to unlock and 35 cars to choose from. You will find money and other goods along the way that you can bring back with you. Once you have earned enough coins, you can unlock more cars. Finally, you will be able to finish the game. You will soon be a successful leader! If you are a hard worker and take part in the activity, you will be a more successful leader. Drive, but don't allow yourself to get stuck.

How to play

  • Turn left: Press 'A' or Left arrow
  • Turn right: Press 'D' or Right arrow
  • Drop the bomb: Press 'S' or Down arrow
  • Start/Pause the game: Press Space key
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