Optimle, a new version of Wordle's popular word game, was created by powerlanguage. The game is inspired by absurdity and is based upon chordbug's welcome phrase. To find a way to win in two guesses, you must begin with a table already filled with all possible outcomes.

Each puzzle shows the number and type of "paths that lead to victory,"  or the number of words that must be correctly predicted. Every day, a new set is available. It doesn't matter if you can correctly identify a rare word to win. The statistic only includes "regular words."


  • The advantages of natural intellect.
  • The ability to reorganize and acquire understanding.
  • There are several paths to take.
  • Two-dimensional, brightly colored, and animated.


In these mini-games, players must quickly click and type the correct word into a blank box. Following each guess, words will be presented, with the right letter in blue, the incorrect letter in yellow, and the missing letter in gray.

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