To win the fun puzzle "Moo-rdle", you must find the word that relates to cows. This game was inspired by Wordle, Cows & Bulls and Wordle. You had nine chances to solve the Moo-rdle puzzle correctly. Wordle and Moo'rdle have similar appearances. Therefore, wherever possible, animations and other elements were kept the same in both. Each guess must be a five-letter word with its own spelling. It cannot be related to any previous guesses. Press the Enter key to send your information. There are many exciting new puzzles available for you. Get started now!

In our collection of word games, you may find WorbleFurdle if you like playing games that are similar to Moo-rdle. I hope you succeed in all future endeavors.


  • Vivid illustrations
  • Motivating rewards.
  • Hysterical games
  • The UI is really simple to use.


For the blank box, input is made via mouse clicks and keyboard entry. In order to avoid using repeated letters, you should fill in the slots with actual 5-letter words that indicate anything. Hit Enter to send. After each estimate, there will be the characters "moo" and "arrow." A word that is present but not where it belongs is referred to be "moo." Your estimate includes the appropriate letter if an arrow points in the right direction.

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