Math Wordle

Math Wordle

Math Wordle is an entertaining and challenging way to learn mathematics and numbers. This wordle game will help you improve your math skills and expand your knowledge on a wide range of mathematical topics. This wordle game won't have you guessing hidden phrases as in the original game. Instead, you will be solving secret mathematical equations. You can create your own equations with the symbols and numbers provided. Step-by-step solutions are available as you go. You will have six chances to use mathematical operations, including addition, subtraction and multiplication. You can play with equations ranging from 5 to 12 characters. There are many game lengths available. Enjoy yourself!

How to play

The game is quite simple if you understand the rules. Your goal is to guess which mathematical equation was hidden. It consists of the same number of characters as the cell is in each line of the playing field.

Try entering any equation on the first line. For example 5+8+9=22. Click on the enter button. You will see that all cells have changed their color. Some are green, some are yellow or grey. These are hints.

Green color will mean that you guessed the correct number or symbol. That is, in the hidden equation, this symbol is located in this place.

The yellow color of the cell means that such a symbol or number is in a hidden mathematical problem but is located somewhere in another cell. Gray color will mean that there is no such symbol in the hidden expression at all.

With the help of the information received, continue to make new guesses until you guess which equation was hidden. But remember - you only have 6 tries to do it.

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