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Killer Wordle

Killer Wordle

Killer Wordle


Killer Wordle is an unblocked version of Wordle that only has words that have five letters per word. Put your brain to the test by attempting to solve Wordle using only the yellow clue. It is an online game where you guess a four-, five-, or six-letter word. The difficulty increases if it has more than that. ALL GUESS THE SAME WORD. What is it?


- Guessing the secret word is the game's objective. First, type a word with the chosen number of letters in the first line. It must be an actual word.

- After inputting the word, press the virtual keyboard's Enter button. Now notice the letters' highlighted color.

- There is no such letter in the hidden word if the letter is gray and not highlighted. Yellow letters are in the concealed word but in another cell. If the letter is highlighted in green, it's in this cell's secret word.

- Please note that highlighted letters in a word can be repeated.

- Now put the following word on the second line and hit Enter. Consider the letters and their locations from the first round when doing this.

- Type words in successive lines until you find the secret word. Share the game and results with friends after finishing. The best part is that you can play forever.

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