We'd like to call your attention to a tricky conundrum found in the fun online game Donhoop. With its help, your intellect and attentiveness are put to the test. At this point, the screen will show you the playing field. Here, a number of wooden pegs will be placed. There will be hoops in a variety of colors. You can transfer hoops from one peg to another using the mouse. These actions will allow you to sort the items. Another way to put it, you'll need to hang all hoops with the same hues from one peg. You will instantly be awarded points in the Donhoop Game and will also be able to advance to the next level. This is much more difficult than the one you are currently playing. Enjoy yourselves!


  • Pick up a doughnut from the filled sticks.
  • Place it on the bare or identical-colored doughnut.
  • To finish the problem, continue in this manner.

How to play

How To Play Donhoop

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