Dawdl is an interactive and completely free online game that lets anyone guess words. This game requires you to guess as many words as possible before the answer is revealed.

Playing the new Wordle version called Dawdl will make your experience more exciting. So get out there, grab your friends and start hanging out! This is the type of game that is sure to win your heart. Have fun!


  • 2D graphics with vibrant colors.

  • It's critical to avoid a few possible pitfalls.

  • There are many difficult phases to complete.

  • The gameplay is interesting and engaging.


You are still informed as to which letters are and are not in the correct positions. However:

  • No two erroneous letters may occur in the same place.

  • It is vital to reuse the correct letters in the correct locations.

  • This is akin to Wordle's Hard Mode, albeit not exactly the same.

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