Dangle is different from other types of word games. You won't need to create a new sentence or word to complete the challenge. Instead, you will be asked to make a shape with the letters provided. This is best described as a Hangman-type game. A set of six letters will be provided, and you will be asked to create a word by using at least three of the letters in a row. You cannot increase the number of letters in any word by adding another letter to it. The game is won by the player who first dangles this term. Try it today!


You have eight chances to pick any current NHL player! You will be given six letters and will have to come up with a word utilizing three consecutive letters from these six. It is not regarded as an extra letter if the letter is part of the word. You will need to employ auxiliary verbs such as can, may, would, had, and other similar grammatical structures while playing this game with your friends or family members.

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