Butterfly Kyodai

Butterfly Kyodai

Butterfly Kyodai, a tile-matching game, is where players attempt to release butterflies by creating pairs of butterfly wings with similar forms. It was released over a decade ago. It has just been updated to HTML5, so it can be used on both mobile and desktop devices. This will be the most anticipated video game of the year! Match the beautiful butterflies with their matching partners. The game's final touch is the soothing soundtrack. Linking can be done either in a straight line or as a turn. Each round, you can only take two turns. There are 12 levels in total. Each level is more difficult than the previous. Each level is harder than the previous one. You can get help by clicking on the magic wand. As a result, you will notice two identical butterflies. You can change the entire layout of the board by pressing the button marked "shuffle." Each activity can only be used once. You must get rid of all the butterflies before time runs out.

How to play

  • LEFT CLICK to select a butterfly.
  • LEFT CLICK AGAIN on an identical butterfly to remove them both from the board.
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