Bludle is a board game that was inspired by the successful digital version. This game offers the same gameplay but allows players to compete against each other in real life to decipher Wordle. Bludle is an assortment of logic puzzles designed for one player. There are over 500 different problems that cover a wide range of subjects. Over 2,000 questions remain unanswered. The game's core is playing word games with others. You can purchase any single Wordle series as a part of the package. Try your hand at this new game!


Each beautiful shade of blue represents a different letter of the alphabet. The lighter the color, the closer to "A" it is. You are given four guesses for word decoding. Each time you make a guess, you will earn a check or a tick for each letter that is successfully placed. Incorrectly positioned proper letters will not have a checkmark or tick.

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