Musical Mahjong

Musical Mahjong

Musical Mahjong is an engaging Chinese puzzle game that challenges one's intelligence and awareness. This beautiful mahjong board game is for music-loving players. Match tiles that feature images of harps or guitars, drums or trumpets, as well as accordions. The tiles are placed on top of a picture showing a violin and musical notes. The online mahjong has 30 stages. Each level has a timer, which requires you to complete the task within the time limit. Every level presents a unique challenge that you must overcome. If you don't solve the problem correctly or accumulate enough points, the level will be canceled and you will have to start over. Your score will be automatically entered to determine if your name is on the list of top scorers. To beat your score, you can re-play the game and climb the leaderboards. Have fun with this game!


To play this mahjong game, click on two open tiles with your finger or mouse. An open tile is one that is not covered by another tile and has at least one side (right or left) that is unobstructed. In the righthand side, you'll see the level, score, and timer. Use the hint or shuffle choices if you run out of moves. This, however, will reduce your score.

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