Merge & Decor

Merge & Decor

Merge & Decor combines puzzles and decorating games. It is a unique combination on our site. The goal is to make your house unique by using various items and making them useful tools. You never know what's behind that door in the next space. You don't have to spend as much as it takes to restore your home. However, you can create the mansion of your dreams in any way that you choose.

Merge & Decor can help you mix and match objects to find hidden treasures inside your home. By combining the items you receive with other useful tools, you can showcase your interior design talents to their fullest potential. The game is easy to play at your own pace and without any pressure. You can combine pieces to get a star. These stars may be used to construct your castle. In this addictive and fun game, you can merge, decorate, or just relax.

How to play

Use the mouse.

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