LetterZ, a Fantastic World spin-off game, requires players to create words and then submit them in the correct order.

You will receive nine instances of each letter in this game. To correctly identify the word, you must use at least three letters. There is a limit to how many letters can appear in the game. Once the guessing is done, that letter will be removed from your computer. This is why you should exercise extreme caution when playing this game. You won't succeed if you start with an unrealistic expectation of what will happen. If you are up to the challenge, try the word game LetterZ now!


  • The UI is simple and easy.
  • A enjoyable and interesting game experience.
  • There are four separate difficulty levels.


To begin, choose a word from the table. Finally, input any phrase with at least three characters and hit the enter key. Use your mouse to choose letters.

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