Narrow One

Narrow One

Narrow One is a multiplayer, first-person archery shooter that allows you to play thrilling capture-the-flag games with players all over the world. You may send an expedition into enemy territory to recover the flag and return it to your stronghold. To prevent your flag being stolen by another team, work together with your colleagues. Each flag correctly taken is worth 1 point. The first to reach the goal is the winner. There will be five weapons available to you, including three different ranges of bows, two crossbows, and a short or long crossbow. Each weapon has a unique aim, rate of fire, and range. NarrowOne allows you to learn a variety of maps so that you can plan your attack and defense ahead of time and win. Battles are fast and furious. The outcome of battles will often depend on how well players work together. It is fun to play Narrow One.


  • 6 distinct bows with interchangeable skins
  • 30 or more distinct melee weapons
  • 15 original maps
  • About 200 different unlocked outfit pieces
  • Weekly updates
  • Seasonal content
  • Seasonal content
  • Squad Support 
  • Map selection
  • Various weather conditions

How to play

  • Move - WASD keys
  • Shoot - Hold and release the left mouse button
  • Mobile controls - Use the touch indicator on your screen
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